Private Detective
in Russia

  • 01 Prosecution
    in Russia
  • 02 Bodyguard
  • 03 Adultery
  • 04 Background

SPRUT is first to find the hidden

One call в SPRUT — to solve your problems

Detective Licence №000138


About SPRUT Detective Agency

The first professional detective agency in Russia. Real experience of detective work - safe and sound. We  guarantee confidentiality, responsible for the result and quality. We also provide service in Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.
We can solve any problem or business task in Russia.

SPRUT is honest with you

No empty promises - only proven methods.

No mediums and fortune-tellers. We are here for real help.

Our duty is to take problems away from your life. We respect personal boundaries and anonymity. Everything is legal - we work on a contract.

It's easy to start a happy life - just a call.

Our Pros

  • 01 Fast

    Just one call
    and we start an investigation

  • 02 Real experience of crime investigations

    Real experience
    of field work

  • 03 Good communications with departmental structures

  • 04 Result

    We are responsible for it

Rules of work

  • We do not work with psychics, mediums and fortune tellers
  • We do not mislead the client about the prospects of the case
  • We do not work according to the scheme "Reward only for the final result"
  • We do not work with clients whose goals are unclear  or doubtful
  • We do not pass on work information to third parties
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